Shadow Mapping

This is a reference implementation of the shadow mapping algorithm in Java and pure OpenGL (no shaders). shadowmapping


There are three possibilities to see the shadow mapping implementation in action:

Source Code

Source Code will be published on demand.




anonymous 11. April 2014
Please post the source code. It would really help us.
anonymous 25. April 2013
Please post source ):
anonymous 16. February 2013
Where is the source?!
Paraknight 11. December 2012
As it's been a few years, I take it you're not about to release the source code then? I figured you wouldn't plan to anyway seeing as all code is obfuscated.
GreatDonKing 30. October 2012
Hi great job!
I would like to implement shadow mapping in my own engine (Jogl). Could you please share your source code ?
Jason 14. August 2012
Hello I was wondering if you could send me the source to this application?
Stephen 11. April 2012
Could you please post the source code? I have been searching for a working shadow mapping demo for a while now and this is the only one that I can find that works without any problems. I'd love to investigate the code to see how you accomplish this.
Rajeshct 08. February 2012
Hello.This post was rllaey motivating, particularly since I was searching for thoughts on this issue last Sunday.
anonymous 21. July 2011
the sourcecode is a lie
matthias 25. May 2011
the applet version has been updated to work with latest technologies
Lars 24. May 2011
Wow, great job! Is it possible to get the source code?
anonymous 26. September 2010
matthias 25. August 2010
a new version will be published soon!
Archie 22. November 2009
Please, remove the hyper-link to the source code, it's confusing people.
Matthias 30. September 2009
Yes, Sourcecode will be published soon!
larsi 28. September 2009
Great job, but the link to the source code is dead...
anonymous 10. August 2009
I'm very interested in your code for my own engine, but the link to the source code (zip) is not working.... :(
anonymous 09. June 2009
Sourcecode is missing


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