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MDTerrain is a Terrain Generator that uses Midpoint-Displacement to generate a surface with fractal properties.

It is written in C++ and uses OpenGL for display.

You can download it here: mdterrain.exe (92 KB)

Click and Drag with the left or right mouse button to rotate or zoom in. Use the + and - Buttons on the panel to increase and decrease the heightfield resolution.


Version 0.5 - 14.05.2005:
+ Code Cleanup
+ Memory Optimization
+ Smoothing filter
+ Read data from tga file

Version 0.4 - 04.12.2004:
+ User interface panel
+ Rewritten heightfield code (again)
+ Lighting possible
+ Save screenshot and heightmap as tga file
+ Lots of small little features and bugfixes
- Reading from file disabled

Version 0.3 - 15.03.2004:
+ Better and correct midpoint displacement algorithm
+ Mouse interaction more intuitive

Version 0.2 - 11.01.2003:
+ Triangles instead of quads
+ Can read heightfield data from a textfile now
+ Small bugfixes

Version 0.1 - 21.12.2003:
+ First Public Version

anonymous 16. May 2015
anonymous 16. May 2015
Caelii 24. October 2012
That's a mold-breaker. Great thininkg!
anonymous 07. February 2012
Maralynn 19. September 2011
Wow, this is in every respect what I neeedd to know.
matthias 25. August 2010
i dont think roughness is related to the fractal version. it is just used to vary the height offset when making a subdivison step. but i will have a look at the sourcecode soon and let you know in detail!
Gecko 22. August 2010
How is the parameter "roughness" defined and within what range? How is this parameter related to the (surface)fractal dimension?
matthias 10. October 2008
sorry, it is currently not open source.
Vitalii 05. October 2008
Hi. Is there any way to get source code for this program?
anonymous 29. August 2008
Great tool! Fast, efective, helpfull...
Tips: More exportvariants (tif/tiff/bmp/jpg/jpg200 etc.

Needless to say that it would be nice if we could export "the mesh" direkt to a "*.obj","*.fbx" file etc. for professional Software like Maya, 3dsMax, Massiv, Endorphin, etc.

... then for us professionals: Iteration dept upto 4096 would be, well, means, has more satisfaction... We are all High Definition buffs...

... yes... a feature to cchange the color would be nice...

matthias 18. June 2008

*.tga is just an image file like bmp or jpg. you should be able to opene it with any image viewer.

i dont know if there is a way to use it in 3dsmax, but i guess there should be one!
anonymous 07. June 2008
WOW! This is GREAT! a work of genius I only have one problem... *.tga what is this? is there any way I can import this terrain map into a program like 3D studio max???
Jeff 01. June 2008
very helpful with this setp by step feature!

helf 31. January 2008
thankyou Very nice it should be perfect if we could change colors ! ;))
charly 10. August 2005


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